About us
Welcome to Glorious Remnant Revival Community! GRRC desires to form a community of believers that live their lives in full pursuit of God. Through this wholehearted pursuit, we desire to see each member of our community access the life giving power, that is God’s grace, to live completely free from the bondages of sin and death. We desire to see individuals living free from sin, free from sickness and disease, and free from the lusts of the flesh and the world.

Since its inception, Glorious Remnant Revival Community has been calling individuals and their families to a higher standard of living; one of righteousness and holiness empowered by the Holy Spirit. This message of sanctification has been given to Pastor Jeremiah Merritt to see individuals and families live inside of the purpose and destiny that God has for each of our lives.

Our vision
GRRC vision is not to get people to simply confess Jesus Christ, but to expose our communities to who Jesus Christ is according to the light of the Word of God rightly divided.

Our mission
GRRC Mission is to expose individuals to the Gospel of the Kingdom by sharing Kingdom concepts that disconnect men and woman from the roots of religion, and simultaneously connect them to the Kingdom of God, and Jesus Christ.